This is 2000W Inverter battery charger 20 Amp. It is ideal for powering a medium size household or a business for the duration of load shedding. It is able to power your most essential items such as Lights, computer, fan etc.

Inverter works by taking DC voltage of battery and convert to appropriate AC voltage through electronics switching. The result being that you have AC power to connect your devices.

This inverter provides 220V AC output by converting power from 12V DC storage batteries. In the normal condition power is supplied by mains power source to the appliances connected. Mains supply is also used to keep the batteries charged through in-built 3 stage intelligent charger.

In built battery charger is capable of delivering 20A of DC current for charging of 12V batteries. Quickly charging help recovery of battery power lost during power failure. It can get the system ready sooner than other inverter that incorporate smaller charger while those who don't have a built in charger require external devices to do this vital function.

It is also keeps a track of battery voltage level so that it doesn't go into deep discharge preventing total battery damage. Maximum charge protection prevents battery from being over charged.

In case of power failure 12V DC battery power is converted to 220V AC output keeping the load supplied.

In case of minor overload, it provides a beeping signal to indicate overloading of system where as in case of high overload it shuts down the system.