Advanced Sanskrit Grammar and Writing

The study of Sanskrit is a rich and rewarding experience, and the Certificate Program in Sanskrit Proficiency-Advanced Phase is designed to help students achieve an advanced level of proficiency in the language. One of the key subjects covered in this program is prefixes/upasargas, which are essential components to learn Sanskrit words. Students will learn how to use prefixes to expand their vocabulary and improve their writing skills.

In addition to prefixes, students will also study four more sandhi kinds: anunAsika-sandhi, anusvAra-sandhi, parasavarNa-sandhi, and visarga-sandhi. These sandhis are important for understanding how Sanskrit words are formed and how they are pronounced. By mastering these sandhis, students will be able to read and write in Sanskrit with greater ease and accuracy.

Another important topic covered in this program is anvaya-krama, which refers to the logical order of words in a sentence. Understanding the proper order of words is essential for clear and effective communication in Sanskrit. By studying anvaya-krama, students will learn how to construct sentences that are grammatically correct and easy to understand.