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Hi, I am jasmine eva. I have been working as a product manager at Rananjay Exports for more than five years. Rananjay Exports is an India manufacturing and wholesaling company... Read More

The sponge coral has been used for its many therapeutic qualities and advantages. Wearing a Whispering Meadows Sponge Coral Jewelry, Sponge Coral Ring, Sponge Coral Pendant, Sponge Coral Earrings, and... Read More

A gemstone with dynamic energies is phosphosiderite. It's a stunning mineral that's prized for its lavender to pinkish-purple hue. Stone therefore has a tranquil look and a calming energy. The... Read More

Uvarovite Jewelry with Mesmerizing Riddles: The most uncommon kind of garnet is uvarovite. When most people think of garnet, they picture a dark red diamond, but uvarovites are really dark... Read More

Cyclosilicate crystal sugilite has a distinctive look. Thusly attractive gemstones are available in hues ranging from magenta to violet. Mineral sulfates of aluminum, lithium, manganese, iron, potassium, sodium, and silicates... Read More

One of the stunning gemstones that comes in calming blue tones is sodalite. The Sodalite Jewelry for Playful Style is adored and treasured and is also regarded as being quite... Read More

A rare stone with a lovely purple hue is called stichite. Stichtite is a magnesium carbonate of chromium. The stone is exceptional and esteemed for its distinguishing appearance. The changes... Read More

Turritella Jewelry Journeying: Ancient snail fossils known as Turritella Agate have undergone mineral substitution to become agate. It only exists in southwest Wyoming. The fossils were first believed to be... Read More

Dolomite and magnetite are combined together to form Pinolith Jasper Jewelry for Unforgettable Style. The beautiful stone known as Pinolith Jasper was discovered in Austrian minoes. The stone has a... Read More

Seraphinite Jewelry Reflecting is a rare and distinctive green stone. Only in Siberia, Russia, can one find the Clinochlore variant known as Seraphine. In an iron mine, there is a... Read More