Best Aggregate Testing in Udaipur, Rajasthan | Mechanical Testing Lab in Udaipur

At civitech labs, get the best aggregate testing in Udaipur Rajasthan. Our certified stone aggregate testing lab in Udaipur performs a wide range of testing at our Civitech lab. All aggregates are required to meet a minimum strength valve, as defined by the 10% value test. This and other specifications ensure that only the highest quality materials are being used on construction projects. When it comes to concrete construction, Aggregate is an integral part of it. The aggregate is important as it acts as the structural filler in the concrete. Basically, the aggregates consist of crushed or uncrushed gravels or stones that are derived from natural sources like river terraces, riverbeds, glacial deposits, or rocks, and boulders. In order to save natural resources, in present times the use of artificial aggregates is increasing day by day. Among the various quality criteria like strength, size, gradation is one of the most important criteria of the aggregates. In this article, we shall be particularly discussing it.