Famous Hindu Temple in India – Oldest South Indian Temples

Hindu temples are sacred spaces dedicated to the worship of Hindu deities. They serve as a place of refuge and comfort for those who believe in Hinduism, offering them a connection to the divine. The design of Hindu temples varies greatly, but they often feature intricate carvings, paintings, and sculptures of gods and goddesses. The main shrine of a Hindu temple is usually dedicated to the deity considered to be the temple's presiding deity. In contrast, smaller shrines within the temple are dedicated to other Hindu gods and goddesses. In Hinduism, it is believed that the deity resides in the temple, making it a powerful source of divine energy. Temples also serve as a gathering place for community members to come together for religious ceremonies, festivals, and other events. Overall, Hindu temples are central to Hindu religious life and play an essential role in preserving Hindu culture and tradition. Liturgical Temples are grouped into Structural Temples of the Pandiyas, Cave temples of the Pallavas, Great living temples of the Cholas and Sangam Age temples.