How to activate an ancestrydna kit?

If you are willing to ancestrydna activate kit, then must go through this content instantly. Here, you will find the simple steps for activating an Ancestry DNA kit, so move ahead and in case of any issues, reach the experts for quick help.
How Do I activate my ancestryDNA kit?
To ancestrydna activate kit instructions, follow the steps mentioned below:
• You must, first, choose your preferred language.
• After that, you need to go to the yes option if you have signed into your account yet. Also, if you are not signed in then in such case, you need to go to no option.
• Next, go to sign in to activate your DNA kit and choose the next option.
• You must then write down the AncestryDNA activation code in the given field and then choose the next option.
• After doing so, the activation code will be quickly printed on your tube as well as the instruction packet. You don’t need to enter any type of hyphens there.