How To Change Language in Dragon Naturally Speaking?

If you want to change the language in Dragon Naturally Speaking Software, then you do not need to wonder anywhere else. We will tell you through this article how you can change different languages in Dragon. Through this article you can easily change Dragon Naturally Speaking Language to Spanish, French and Dutch and etc.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is designed to speed up the process and reduce the need for typing if you frequently create documents for business or school and You say the words you want typed into a microphone with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and the software performs the rest.

You can choose a language other than English in some versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, such as Spanish or French. You must establish a new user profile to utilize a different language.

Steps to Change the Dragon Naturally Speaking Languages
Below we have given some instructions, following which you can change the language with the help of Dragon Language Software.

First Step:- Open Dragon NaturallySpeaking and select “NaturallySpeaking” at the top of the screen.

Second Step:- Select “Open Users,” then “New” to begin building a new profile.

Third Step:- Enter your name and choose your language from the drop-down menu. Please do not select the same profile name that you have used before for the previous profile. Later you will be confused about which one is a new profile with a different language.

Fourth Step:- Click the next drop-down and select general for the dictation source so the vocabulary field must be “General.”

Fifth Step:- Once you click next after selecting vocabulary, click next again to get to a window that says, “Recording your dragon speech”. Click view and then the dragon speaks into the computer’s microphone for 15 minutes, this is where your dragon understands your way of speaking and your accent. Once you get a pop up saying it is completed, click on next.