IGRS Telangana: Encumbrance Certificate, Registration & Stamps & More

The Telangana government's Registration and Stamps Department is committed to keeping old
records and papers intact and presenting them to the court as proof in the event of a dispute.
Through documented facts, document registration acts as a notification to the public, enabling
them to check the records and obtain information about the ownership, rights, and
responsibilities of any immovable property.
The department is thought to be the third largest income-generating agency in Telangana. It
also receives money via registration fees, stamp duty, and transfer duty.
Features and Advantages of IGRS Telangana
· Increases transparency and eliminates fraudulent document registration operations.
· You can utilize this site to resolve any issues you may have.
· Saves time and reduces manual work.
· Facilitates good governance in the state.
Official Details of IGRS Telangana
Official Site registration.telangana.gov.in/
Toll-Free Number 18005994788
New Grievance Email ID grievance-igrs@igrs.telangana.gov.in