Important features to consider when choosing the right mobile app development

1. Product Navigation: a good navigation system improves the user experience more than normal visiting time.

2. E-Wallet Transaction: Having a secured online payment option increases the purchasing process.

3. Marketplace: Customers always like to purchase from the nearest store to their location, so having GPS in a mobile app increases the shopping experience.

4. Edit Order: The edit history log and order product are key in managing the orders.

5. Customer Engagement: Mobile push notifications can engage your users when your app is inactive.

6. Unlimited Themes: Mobile app builders allow you to build the theme of your choice. This will increase the user experience.

7. Flexible Payment Option: Payments can be made using Google Pay, increasing user belief.

8. Easy Integration: Users like a simple login process and a catalog, cart, order method, and wish list.

9. POS Integration: The future of POS systems lies in their ability to elevate the customer journey.