Incentit – Utility Management System

At Incentit, we're revolutionizing channel partner incentives with our advanced rebate and spiff management system. Our comprehensive platform empowers businesses to maximize their incentive programs, ensuring efficient tracking, management, and distribution.

With Incentit, you can streamline the entire rebate process, from program setup to payout, saving time and resources while enhancing accuracy and transparency. Our intuitive interface provides real-time visibility into rebate status, allowing you to monitor performance and make informed decisions.

Explore a wide range of incentives tailored to your needs, including energy efficiency rebates, installer spiffs, instant discounts, and more. Whether you're focused on energy savings, load growth incentives, or new home certification, our platform offers customizable solutions to drive success.

We understand the importance of channel partner relationships, which is why our platform is designed to enhance collaboration and engagement. From seamless communication to centralized grant administration, we provide the tools you need to strengthen partnerships and drive mutual growth.

Incentit goes beyond traditional rebate management, offering features such as measurement and verification surveys, net metering agreements, and load controller deployment. Our platform adapts to your unique requirements, ensuring compliance and efficiency across diverse programs and initiatives.

Experience the future of channel incentives with Incentit. Visit our website at to learn more and discover how our platform can elevate your rebate and spiff programs to new heights. Unlock the full potential of your channel partnerships with Incentit today.