Insulation Boards manufacturer and supplier

EXNP is a carbon-fiber insulation used for high temperature vacuum furnace with an inert gas atmosphere. Carbon Fiber Insulation Boards are boards used to prevent loss of heat in highly technical operations in industries like Heat Treatment, Vacuum Furnace, Solar Cell Manufacturing, Silicon Ingot etc. These boards are made with specialized material to withstand temperature exceeding 2300° C, which no other material can do.

Our Insulation Boards – EXNP – are made by patented needle-punch technology. This technology is specifically used to make C/C Composite plates and other C/C products. And for the first time in the world, this technology has been incorporated to make Carbon Fiber Insulation boards
Low thermal conductivity and low C.T.E makes our boards high on energy saving
It can be customized to any shape and size as per customers' requirement
Delivery within 7-10 working days, subject to availability of stock
Pioneer in incorporating Needle-punch technology for making Rigid Insulation Boards
EXNP – Only Rigid Insulation Board of the world, made by Needle-punch technology
One & only supplier of non-Chinese Carbon Fiber Rigid Insulation Boards in India.