Master Hindi Language and Script: CPSH Beginner Phase | HUA

The Certificate Program in Shuddh Hindi (CPSH)- Beginner Phase is the foundation set of four courses for students of all ages, beginning in 9th grade. It is the first of three successive phases that make up the CPSH: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. There are no prerequisites for this program. The course is easily accessible to a global audience and is taught in English. It is a 4-quarter, 44-week detailed study that prepares beginner level students, i.e., those with no prior knowledge of Hindi or devanAgari, to achieve a comfort level with the Hindi language that will enable them to pursue higher learning with ease. The Beginner Phase of CPSH is aimed at high school students and adults who are eager to engage with the texts and literature of pristine Hindi and its numerous derivative knowledge systems. It is taught by dedicated HUA Faculty members via an easy-to-use Online Platform with a learning model that uses live virtual classrooms.