RAF Score Calculator | RAF Score | HCC RAF Score Calculator Tool

Experience our RAF Score Calculator designed exclusively for HCC Risk Adjustment coding to simplify the prospective and retrospective chart reviews.

The RAF Score Calculator is a simple and quick solution that combines demographic and diagnosis risk scores to provide a comprehensive evaluation of a patient's health. The demographic risk score encompasses critical factors such as age, community, medical institution, and age-gender interactions.

Meanwhile, the diagnosis risk score is founded upon the Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) codes extracted from the patient's ICD-10 codes for diagnosis, reflecting chronic conditions.

By meticulously analyzing these factors, the RAF Score Calculator offers an accurate understanding of a patient's health landscape. The importance of the RAF score and the RAF Score Calculator cannot be overstated as they directly impact budgeting and resource allocation for shared-risk providers and payers.

A low RAF score, while potentially indicating a healthier population, can also highlight the significance of accurate and comprehensive documentation. On the flip side, a high RAF score signals patients with heightened health risks, necessitating a more intricate level of care and allocation of resources.

An HCC risk score of 1.00 serves as a benchmark for average resource utilization, while an HCC risk score surpassing 1.00 signifies increased resource requirements.