Want food delivery in Kolkata ?

We at FOODROZ started our journey in 2021 with a vision to make our home cuisine truly available for people in search. Cheer up our home makers with your support. We will make sure your soul is as satisfied as your appetite.

Proudly starting our journey from Kolkata. We did not choose the city. The city itself chose us with variety of flavours and mixing of culture. True flavours comes only with experience. So we searched for hidden gems and found taste beyond our expectations. Primary idea was to build an organized food delivery system for elderly people and special diet for people, who needs special medicated food. We could not resist our self to expand more and include truly homemade food available for everyone.

Hope to grow together. Cheers to life.

We are always available on phone and mails and very much open to take your feedback. Knock us for any query.

Visit https://foodroz.com for more information on home delivery food near you.