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Kelvinwatertreatment is a waste management company that creates and provides innovative solutions to industrial and municipal waste management challenges. Their solutions are designed to help clients save money, reduce their... Read More

Dewatering Pump, Sharp Dewatering Pumps

Dewatering Pumps - These pumps are efficiently crafted for pumping sewage without any long fibers. PDS - Rainwater pumps are ideal for slightly soiled water and for lifting sewage in... Read More

Jet Aerator, Aerator Pumps – Sharp Aerator

Jet aerator is one of the methods to provide oxygen for biological degradation of organic materials and oxidation of dissolved minerals and very important requirement is keeping the solids in... Read More

Sewage Pumps, Sharp Sewage Pump

PD series- Sharp Sewage pumps in India are built with large clearances that allow ample free passages for the pumping of biological sludge wastes. We are the top manufacturer of... Read More

Submersible Pumps, Sharp Submersible Pump

We are the top manufacturer of sharp Submersible pumps and other sharp pump products in India. We have over 50 years of experience in this industry - Sharp pumps pvt... Read More

Indusroof Ecommerce Pvt Ltd – Castle Valves

Looking for castle valves Dealers? Indusroof Ecommerce PVT LTD is the leading Wholesale Supplier,Dealer, Distributor, and Stockiest of Castle valves in India. We offer the best quality products with the... Read More

Les avantages des bobines 80x80x12 pour les imprimantes de point de vente

Les bobines 80x80x12 sont spécialement conçues pour les imprimantes de point de vente. Leur taille standard permet une compatibilité avec la plupart des modèles d'imprimantes. Ces bobines offrent une grande... Read More

Flake type Granulator is a Plastic Crusher Machine, used in crushing ordinary sheets, tubes, extrusion mold products, runners, packaging materials, and other plastic products. Granulators are in different shapes and sizes... Read More

Think Air Systems Leading Manufacturers and suppliers of humidification Equipment and spares. humidification Equipment, PVC Diffuser, MS & SS Diffuser, Deflection Grill, Supply Air Diffuser & Grill, Supply Air Ducting... Read More

Think Air Systems wide range of humidification Equipment and spares suppliers in Coimbatore, India. Humidification equipment Rotary Disc Filter, Blower, Compactors, Collection box, Filter Media, Fur Cloth, RDF Filter... Read More